Unlock the power of MFTs
Empower your favorite artists and share in their success together.
What is an MFT?
Music Fungible Tokens allow music fans to benefit directly from the success of an artist they've supported! MFT holders receive rewards based on how successful that song or album becomes.
Discover new music talents
Choose from established artists or find the next global hit.
Support the artists you love
Help musicians fund their careers without relying on unfair deals.
Collect your rewards
Watch your music streams take off and enjoy the rewards together.
How does it work
Choose your favorite artist
Browse through the different MFT sales and select your next purchase.
Complete your purchase
Set the number of MFTs, fill in your details, and choose your payment method.
Get your MFTs
Receive the MFTs in your wallet and view your full collection in the Opulous dashboard.
Collect your rewards
Track your MFTs' performance and withdraw your rewards to your wallet.
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