About Opulous

We believe in a future where musicians keep control of the music they create and forge even deeper connections with their fans.


Lee Parsons has made a name for himself in the music industry, building one of the largest global music platforms, Ditto Music.
With over fifteen years of experience, he can speak from great expertise when it comes to understanding and solving many of the challenges faced by artists today. Taking this knowledge as inspiration, Lee embarked on an ambitious mission: creating Opulous - a blockchain platform that gives musicians direct access to their fans!


The Opulous team is composed of experienced professionals from a variety of industries, including music, tech, and marketing.
Lee Parsons
Chief Executive Officer
Founder of Ditto Music, a music company supporting over 500k independent artists worldwide including Chance The Rapper, Ed Sheeran and more.
Miles Carroll
Chief Operating Officer
Previously at Kosmos Capital, an investment firm focused on helping blockchain startups scale and integrate their products into enterprises.
Fernando Cruz
Chief Product Officer
Worked with music and marketing companies over the last 10 years. Former Ditto Music Business Developer working close to Lee Parsons on all major projects.
Nick Pelecanos
Chief Financial Officer
A seasoned executive with over five years in the financial services industry, has excelled in various leadership roles, including Head of Trading at NEM Group and CFO at DAO Maker.
Jay Moore
Chief Investment Officer
Managed the acquisition of billions of dollars of music rights as Director of Investments at music publisher Kobalt.
Clara Lo
Business Operations
Expert in blockchain business operations and analysis having spent many years working closely with technology companies and financial services.
Joe Mason
Head of Artist Services
A former Head of the UK Label team at Ditto Music. Released chart topping music from artists including D-Block Europe, Russ Millions, Darkoo, and Sarkodie.
Tom Napper
Head of Marketing
Worked in marketing at Ditto Music for over four years, focusing on social media development and digital marketing campaigns with major artists.
Jenny Wong
Head of Corporate Administration
Media expert with over 20 years of experience at IFPI, Universal Pictures, Disney and WarnerMedia focused on music, TV, and film.
Kevin Vernooij
Community & Support Manager
Over a decade experience in enterprise grade customer management and user satisfaction services across 4 continents.
Sam Bayston
Community & Support Manager
A highly skilled community manager with expertise in content creation, external communications, community growth, and customer service.
Hughie Kelsey
Artist Services
Specialized in scouting new talent, Hughie has worked on releases with artists including Kwengface, ELIO, and Odeal.
Jesse Hof
Graphic Designer
Accomplished designer with over 5 years experience specialising in motion graphics.
Lily Gundi
Operations Assistant
Administrative support with a specialism for blockchain companies and start-ups.


Nick Gatfield
Former Sony Music CEO
Personally signed Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Katy Perry and One Direction. Overseeing a team of 1000 staff with over $3bn annual revenue.
Mark Gillespie
CEO of Three Six Zero
Manager of Calvin Harris and Will Smith. Made deals with Jay-Z, partnered with Roc-A-Fella Records and produced tv shows and movies.
Christina Beltramini
Music partnerships TikTok
One of the leading forces in TikTok becoming the go-to platform for discovering new music. Inked deals with major labels and licensing partners.
David Garcia
CEO Borderless Capital
CEO & Founding Manager Partner of Borderless Capital, a financial institution investing in and building blockchain services.
Taylor Bennett
Manager, Chance The Rapper
Prominent US rapper with over 50 million streams on Spotify alone. He also manages his older brother Chance the Rapper’s successful music career.
Oliver Bell
CEO Xcad
Serial entrepreneur who leads Xcad. The leading blockchain service for YouTubers to monetize content and viewers to earn rewards.
Clarence Liu
CTO & Co-Founder Tacen
Tacen is a regulatory-first compliance and blockchain technology company building a new hybrid-DEX in the US.
Brad Laurie
Blockchain Researcher & Investor
Leading cryptocurrency and blockchain technology influencer and educator with over 60k followers and subscribers.


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