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OVAULT is a liquid staking pool that allows you to participate in a collection of music deals and receive consistent rewards. We use the USDC in the pool to acquire music catalogs and provide advances to musicians. We then collect the rewards from these deals and add them back to the pool.
By staking USDC in OVAULT, you receive tokens representing your share of the liquidity pool. Every time we collect rewards from the music deals, we make a payment to the pool, and it increases the value of OVAULT. There’s no need to restake the token or withdraw rewards. As a liquid staking token, you only need to hold it to accumulate rewards.
Navigate to the 'Unstake' tab and add your OVAULT tokens to the unstake queue. The queue will be processed with each new payment. When it's your turn, your OVAULT tokens will be converted back to USDC, and then the OVAULT tokens will be burned.
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Music Highlights
Explore songs with copyrights held by Opulous, all featured in OVAULT.
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