10% APY * on stable coins, backed by real world assets.

Join our OVAULT pool, participate in music deals and enjoy consistent rewards.
*Subject to change based on the underlying asset performance.
Built on Arbitrum

What's Inside OVAULT?

Explore music deals generating earnings in OVAULT.

How does it work

Discover how Opulous turns your stablecoin staking into rewards.

Step 1
Stablecoin Staking

You stake stablecoins in our unique music pool.

Step 2
Music Deal Acquisition

Opulous uses the capital to acquire stable music deals.

Step 3
Revenue Collection

Opulous collects revenue from these music deals.

Step 4
Rewards Distribution

You earn consistent rewards based on your stake.

Benefits for stakers

Discover the advantages of staking with Opulous.

Stable Rewards
Earn stable rewards on your stablecoins, backed by real world music assets.
Low Risk
Experience low-risk staking as tangible music assets back all our music deals.
Benefit from easy entry and exit options, all thanks to our liquid staking model.
Diversify your crypto portfolio by adding music assets to the mix.
Liquid staking

Stake USDC and get liquidity tokens representing your stake. Lock this token to join the withdrawal queue or trade it on a secondary market to liquidate your position.

Tokenized Staking

Stake USDC and get a representative token.

Value Increase

Your token's value grows with each repayment.

Withdrawal Queue

Lock your liquidity tokens to join the withdraw queue.

Secondary Market

Find liquidity for your tokens on secondary markets.

Start staking today

You're just a step away from earning consistent rewards.
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