Bringing Music Assets into DeFi
Opulous is the first peer-to-peer Decentralised Finance
platform backed by real world assets.

Investors can share in high earnings and diversify their portfolio with assets previously only available to music industry insiders.

Musicians can access low interest loans to invest in their own careers using future royalties as collateral, while maintaining ownership and cutting out the unfair traditional banking systems.

For Musicians.
A lifeline for creativity
Receive low-interest loans. Opulous bypasses traditional banks with peer-to-peer blockchain technology, introducing a new system that understands the true value of music assets.
Get a helping hand
If you’re using one of our partnered distributors, it’s even quicker to get approved. You can stake your own royalties to start earning passive income or get a low-interest loan in a couple of clicks.
Keep it simple
There are no banks, no credit checks, and you’ll have the money in your account as soon as your loans are approved.
Not with one of our partners?
Don’t worry, it’s easy to use Opulous manually too.
For Investors.
Step into the future
The total market for recorded music grew by 8.2% in 2019 – its fifth consecutive year of growth – and music industry revenues are forecast to double to $104 billion globally by 2030. Opulous offers the opportunity to share in that growth through peer-to-peer loans backed by predictable royalty earnings.
Raise your expectations
In a world of ever-falling interest rates, finding stable or high-returning investments is more difficult than ever. With Opulous, you can earn high interest on your stable tokens and cryptocurrency. Unlike most DeFi platforms, Opulous is backed by tangible assets, meaning zero risk on your investment.
We’ve got your back
When musicians receive loans, we lock the asset until the full loan is paid back with interest. We’ll make sure your investment is safe and returns a profit.
Token Holders
stake their tokens
Musicians lock
their copyrights
Musicians pay
monthly interests
Opulous pays
back Token Holders
Opulous is powered by cryptocurrency, using future-proof blockchain & smart contract technology to secure loans and investments across the platform.
The Leadership Team
Investor logo image
Lee Parsons
Investor logo image
Jeff Ward
Investor logo image
Miles Carroll
Investor logo image
Clarence Liu
Investor logo image
David Garcia
CEO Borderless Capital
Investor logo image
Michael Kiook Jeoung
CEO Trustverse
Investor logo image
Nick Gatfield
Former Sony Music CEO
Investor logo image
Blockchain Brad
Cryptocurrency educator
Investors & Partners
Investor logo image
Algorand is the technology company that built and developed the world’s first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next generation of financial products.
Investor logo image
Borderless Capital
Borderless Capital is a financial institution focused on powering the public cryptocurrency with blockchain Algorand’s borderless economy.
Investor logo image
Trustverse is a blockchain-based AI wealth management and digital asset planning protocol designed to provide a better financial ecosystem for all.
Investor logo image
SOMESING is a blockchain-based global mobile karaoke app with a token economy that rewards users transparently for their content.
Investor logo image
BASIC is a digital asset-based finance platform where businesses and consumers can access digital services for financial assets.
Investor logo image
Ditto Music
Ditto Music is one of the world’s biggest music distribution, label services & artist management companies, supporting over 250,000 artists & labels worldwide.
Investor logo image
Rand Labs
Rand Labs is a blockchain development lab specialized in Algorand technology.
Investor logo image
Bluebox is a royalty management platform that empowers creators to monetize, copyright and license their music around the globe.