Transparency Via Predictive Data
The Problem
The music and financial industries currently allocate billions of dollars in advances to musicians and for acquiring music catalogs. This process involves extensive negotiations and analysis, often requiring months of collaboration among teams to project future revenues. This manual, time-intensive process is not only costly but also prone to errors. A slight miscalculation in forecasting can lead to losses amounting to millions. For artists, miscalculating the value of their music can lead to long-term bad record deals.
The Solution
Opulous AI harnesses the power of big data analysis to offer precise forecasts of future revenues, filtering through thousands of data points collected through our partnership with Ditto Music, including 100+ streaming apps. Our tool evaluate song performance across different regions and dissects payout structures, enabling swift predictions of future royalties. This process can save millions in unrecouped advances and protects artists from entering unfair record deals by accurately assessing the value of their music.
Predictive Data Modelling
Explore potential earnings for any track with our AI-powered prediction tool. By analyzing online song performance, we offer accurate predictions of future earnings, suitable for anyone in the music industry.
Music Advances Forecaster
Calculate your recoupment terms and use AI to forecast your earnings, providing you with a new level of transparency as an artist or label.
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